Are you a positive or negative-minded Capricorn?

Are you a positive or negative-minded Capricorn?

Capricorns are pretty hardcore, seeing little gray area and forming extreme opinions, routines, and expectations about their realities. That’s why we are so highly respected... and intimidating. So, you’re probably close to one extreme or the other. Tell me, are you more of a Negative or Positive Capricorn?

- You love to lead others and help them succeed.
- You’re responsible and thoughtful, factoring in other’s expectations of you.
- You moderate and have control of your vices.
- You have a wicked sense of humor, but consider the feelings of others before making jokes.

- You can’t stand being wrong and even when you are, you hate to admit it.
- You have trouble forgiving someone who wrongs you.
- You expect the worst.
- You have a low tolerance for stupidity and mock others in your head (or even out loud!).
- You dislike teaching others. You want to focus on your own goals.

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