Turns out these dreams mean absolutely nothing, Capricorn...

Turns out these dreams mean absolutely nothing, Capricorn...

Like many people, I find dreams and their possible meanings fascinating. I try to make sense of all the symbols I remember vividly in mine, and even keep a dream journal by my bed. But it turns out certain dreams have no hidden meaning whatsoever!

Precognitive dreams” usually happen between 3 and 7 a.m., after we’ve finished digesting any food and our bodies and minds are most relaxed. That is when the most meaningful dreams occur as they have the greatest potential to be unaffected by external stimuli – they get deep into the psychic realm.

But what about totally meaningless ones? Here are guidelines for ignoring dreams because they are the outcome of too much external, reality-based stimuli...
- They recount events from the day before
- They clearly have something to do with the environment you’re sleeping in (extreme temperature, noise, physical discomfort like a lumpy bed).
- You are sick or injured... not feeling normal physically.
- They happen immediately after first falling asleep.
- They relate to media or activities you engaged in right before sleeping.

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