Early January Cap? This is your unique personality profile...

Early January Cap? This is your unique personality profile...

Of course no two Capricorns are exactly alike, but breaking it down by your actual birth day can pinpoint some of your truest, inbred qualities - maybe even one you aren't expressing fully quite yet! If you're a Capricorn on or just after the New Year, read your birth day profile...

Jan. 1: Dominant and outgoing, you have a great sense of humor and were born to lead.
Jan. 2: You may appear more laid-back, but inside you ponder and feel intensely. You need ample "me" time.
Jan. 3: Quite eccentric, but people find you alluring and approachable. The most creative Capricorn.
Jan. 4: Your inner fire is stoked by adventure. You're happiest being the less dominant one in a love relationship.
Jan. 5: The most dependable of all Capricorns, your determination can wear you out. Put yourself first more often.
Jan. 6: You are able to succeed in anything you put your all into. You're best at interpersonal and financial doings.
Jan. 7: More social and optimistic than other Capricorns, you can be secretly insecure. Make sure you live your truth.
Jan. 8: You seem more affluent than you are, because your intelligence radiates class. You are meant to lead.
Jan. 9: You appear the mediator, but have a very competitive side. Your greatest love will develop untraditionally.

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