The secret to luck in love for Taurus is this easy spell...

The secret to luck in love for Taurus is this easy spell...

Single and lonely or unhappy with your current partner? I learned a simple and so far quite effective love spell I am eager to share with you! I tried it after a friend told me about it (and soon after met her now boyfriend) and I have a date this weekend!

Simply write a “love letter” of sorts. Take one sheet of notebook paper and fold it in half. On the right side, list five things about yourself that make you an awesome partner. On the left side, list five things you want from your ideal mate. Fold it back together so the lists touch, then in half one more time so it fits into a red envelope(yes, must be red).

Seal it closed and then “seal it with a kiss” by kissing the envelope once. Put it inside your favorite romantic book, DVD case, under your pillow, or another place that signifies love and wishes.

It might take a few days, maybe even a few weeks, but it’s at least worth a try, right? I met someone (a super romantic Pisces!) about a week and a half after I did this. Good luck!

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