Taurus is forgiving, but not when it comes to this...

Posted by Devin Bullock
Taurus is forgiving, but not when it comes to this...

Taurus is the most patient, level-headed, determined sign, so personal antics and trivial matters rarely get the better of us. But, trust is a crucial requirement in any of our relationships. If it’s broken, so is the bond. Here’s what NOT to do if you want that Taurus in your life to remain on good terms...

1. Breaking a promise. This is pretty much true for everyone, but when we depend on you to follow through on something important, or you tell us one thing and go totally against it, we will never believe your word again. Don’t say it if you don’t 100% mean it.
2. Creating drama. We hate high-maintenance relationships, especially ones involving stupid, petty conflicts. Plus, we know if you talk trash to us, you're talking trash ABOUT us. Slide your soap box outta my way.
3. Cheating on us. Some couples can overcome infidelity, but not us. We might try to work it out, but underneath it all, we will never trust you again. This goes for any form of cheating!

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