Five Scorpio hotties no one could ever resist…

Five Scorpio hotties no one could ever resist…

Independent, fearless, and ambitious, the Scorpio man doesn't mess around, and someone you do not want to mess with! He is the type who sees the world in black and white and no shades of gray!

This list is the proof Scorpio is the hottest celebrity male sign:

Leo Dicaprio is at the top of my list because he's trying to save the world, loves his mom and is an incredible actor (by now he's owed many Oscars, those old academy folks must be jealous of his hotness).

Matthew McConaughey is so assertive, passionate, successful - and that amazing bod!

Ryan Gossling is the epitome of the super-secretive and private Scorpio. We'll never forget him in The Notebook.

Joaquin Phoenix is so artsy, cool and doesn't care about fame; or the stupid Oscars.

• I still can't believe Ryan Reynolds actually went out with Alanis Morissette. But he has those super-tones abs, great looks and Blake Lively.

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