5 reasons people are thankful for Capricorns...

5 reasons people are thankful for Capricorns...

Let's face it - Capricorn is the best sign, and everyone knows it whether they admit it or not. Well, you deserve a big THANK YOU. Here are the top 5 reasons everyone should be grateful that Capricorns exist. Share yours in the comments section!

1. When we want something bad enough, we can will it to happen, and often this is through prayers for others.
2. Our depth of kindness and willingness to help knows no bounds.
3. We are humble, and don't expect outside validation.
4. We have such grace under pressure, we can fix almost any bad situation.
5. Our sense of humor is so sharp, we make others think beyond their usual intelligence.

Want to meet other Capricorns and read all about our awesome sign? Join the community here!

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