Sag, this is your secret to find love…

Sag, this is your secret to find love…

Are you still looking for love, Sag? You don't need to fill out all this online dating questionnaires; you just need to draw on your sign's strengths to find love!

When looking for a partner to share your life with, never forget you are:

Extroverted Enthusiastic, cheerful and friendly, you get along and are friends with tons of different people. Sooner or later, one of them will introduce you to your match.

Optimistic No matter how bad things can be, you know a better day is right around the corner.

Curious You love to explore not only life and knowledge, but also the world. A partner will never get bored in your company.

Open-minded You embrace change instead of resisting it, which is probably your best advantage in love and in life.

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