Do these on a date with a Goat and it will be your last!

Do these on a date with a Goat and it will be your last!

Capricorns do not open their hearts to just anyone, and they are too busy with their own things to want to spend time with subpar company. So, just be aware that the following are the deal breakers a Capricorn has on a date... no matter how cute you think you are...

1. Making fun of "inferior" people: From wagging your finger at a waiter to shaking your head at the overweight couple eating unhealthy food you don't approve of (talking to you, Virgo)... but might be eating yourself... will turn a Goat off in a heartbeat.
2. Devaluing our life. Don't make us feel like we are lacking, failing, or struggling. We know if we are, and don't need to be reminded if so. But, more likely, you're just feeling insecure around us and we know it. Hear me, Sag?
3. Contradicting yourself. You are sure you are right, but then minutes later claim the opposite. You don't practice what you preach, Aries? Practice your walk... away from me!

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