Don't date these signs, Scorpio…

Don't date these signs, Scorpio…

Sexy and intense, not everybody can handle Scorpio's allure. The problem is that everybody wants us. While we can't blame them for that, we can stay away from love interests that will only waste our time.

Get involved with these signs if you want to suffer the following:

Libras - They are hot, artsy and popular. The big "but" with them is they are way too unstable and aloof for us. We know what we want; they take forever to make one simple decision. We are just way too different.

Leos - Picture a constant power struggle. Leo and Scorpio are both dramatic and possessive, but Leos require way too much attention, plus the constant parade of bling-bling friends is way too shallow for someone as spiritual as we are.

Geminis speak a different language when it comes to love. Did I say speaking? It's non-stop! Plus, they are too flirty and are well-known cheaters, something Scorpio will not tolerate. Probably our worst match!

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