Do this to clear your karmic energy, Aquarius...

Do this to clear your karmic energy, Aquarius...

As an Air Sign, you/re especially affected if there's negative energy around you. You breathe it in and feel it more profoundly than Earth, Fire, or Water signs.

And Aquarians are also more sensitive to the odd nature of the complex karmic energy around them. No fun, huh?! I mean, you could actually be suffering from that miserable Pisces in the next cubicle, or your hostile Scorpio sister. So, how to deal? The easiest way is to literally purge toxins from the air in the spaces you occupy most often.

• Get a little air ionizer/diffuser for your desk. You can even add a few drops of essential oil for aromatherapy.
• Spritz some essential oil spray on your pillow in lavender, frankincense, or whatever smell soothes you.
• Weather and air quality permitting, crack open a window for fresh air throughout the day. Or, just make sure you take lots of breaks outdoors to escape the stagnant indoor air.

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