Watch your back, Capricorn - these signs aren't true pals...

Watch your back, Capricorn - these signs aren't true pals...

Capricorns have zero tolerance for "frenemies." We value our time and relationships too much to waste time on fake people, much less let them into our inner circle. Beware of these signs. If what I say rings too true, you should take care around this person.

Virgos will make you feel oh-so-fabulous, complimenting you, never letting you take the blame, and parading around with you like you're on a runway. But, that's all superficial. Inside they might be mocking you, telling other friends your faults, and keeping you at their side as a mere accessory.

Scorpios and Capricorns make great friends, until one wrongs the other in some way (even just a minor misunderstanding). Capricorn doesn't like conflict or drama, so we merely ice them out. Scorpios, on the other hand, can be vicious, plotting against the Cap. The worst part? They will play nice to a Cap's face, should that benefit them in some way.

Leos get so wrapped up in their own little soap operas (in which they play the star, of course) that they might use a Capricorn as their "friend" when life is less spectacular. Capricorns sympathize with other's plight, and Leos know it. Make sure any Leo friend is there in all kinds of weather, moods, and circumstances.

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