Scorpios can't stand any of these things…

Scorpios can't stand any of these things…

Scorpios may not speak a lot or show emotions, but they feel deeply and are always aware. Do any of the following and you will feel the power of our sting!

Disloyalty. Wronging a Scorpio never ends up well. We might forgive, but never forget.

Fearfulness. We are brave and bold. Fearful people need not apply as friends or companions.

• I hate it when people try to engage in mind games. If anything, it will be doing that to them instead!

Deceitfulness. Others can try, but our instincts are some of the sharpest in the Zodiac.

Hypocrisy. I am honest with everybody and expect people to be the same with me.

Passive and boring people just waste my time. I live passionately and have no time for them!

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