These are the losers Geminis can't help falling for...

These are the losers Geminis can't help falling for...

You like challenges, but sometimes you are attracted to the impossible! You can go for types who are just no good for you. Here are the types. Keep your Twin radars up for them and next time you're tempted, remember: NO!

The Safe One. This person is nice, thoughtful, caring... and totally vanilla. There's really nothing wrong with them, but you'll lose the game of love if you try to play for keeps with this yawn-fest. Taurus, Virgos, and Capricorns are the most likely Safe types. You need more excitement to stay happy.

The Crazy One. You love challenges, especially intellectual ones. But sometimes you get crazy talk confused with intellect. Just because someone is waxing poetic about a modern art movement or analyzing every word you say doesn't mean they're fascinating... it might mean you need to call the psych ward. Pisces... Cancers... Sags... just throwing those out there.

The Child. You're the one who gets to let our their inner child to play. You can't be with someone equally, umm, maturity-challenged. I'm talking about Leos who can't be a moment without attention or high-maintenance Scorpios.

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