Oops! Here are the mistakes all Capricorns make...

Oops! Here are the mistakes all Capricorns make...

Capricorns hate to admit when they are wrong, but it does happen. We aren't superhuman, no matter how hard we try to be. Some of our flaws are obvious, like working too much. But others are more subtle, yet all Sea Goats commit them. How guilty are you of these?

Holding others to our expectations. Sometimes we ignore reality because we really want something to go the way that it is in our mind. When we expect someone to do or say something, we can ignore what they are really doing... and that this won't change. We need to see things as they really are more often.

Embracing the negative. Do you mope around, almost enjoying your negative emotions? Is your playlist full of sad songs? Do you take a certain pride in all the crap you take on? Give yourself a break! No one is going to give you a prize for your self-sabotaging ways.

Comparing yourself to others. We aren't often self-indulgent, so seeing others who seem to have it better can make us turn green with envy. The good news is, you can turn this around. Allow yourself more of what makes you happy and stop comparing yourself to others. You're pretty awesome as you are!

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