Taurus natives, go here to find your soul mate...

Taurus natives, go here to find your soul mate...

Looking for love, Taurus? You may be looking in all the wrong places. A Taurus has very little chance of meeting a potentially serious mate on a dating app, in a bar, or speed dating. You like to get to know someone in a slower, more natural way.

Here are a few places several of my Taurus friends have had unexpected success in finding their now-current partners...

Art museum: Go during a week day, when it's less crowded and you can really take your time, sit and study your favorite pieces, and take a guided tour. Be a little flirty with anyone interesting you see. Just a smile is fine. Get lunch there if they have a café, peruse the gift shop. Keep your eye on anyone in the vicinity. My friend met her now-husband (an Aries) this way... they both explored solo and kept ending up in the same exhibits! Finally he made his move when she took a coffee break.

Your favorite hobby shop or other retail outlet: Whether it's a hardware store, book shop, craft store, or garden nursery, chat up anyone who seems friendly and interested in whatever you are also there to get. You might bond over blinds... and then some.

Concerts: But not those big arena ones... the best ones are in a park, where people can set out picnic spreads and relax for hours under the stars. Or, a very intimate setting with a small crowd that might even mingle with the talent after the show. Just don't be shy!

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