Never say these things to an Aquarius...

Never say these things to an Aquarius...

Aquarians are great friends, but they are choosy about who they socialize with. We aren't butterflies, flitting from acquaintance to acquaintance like some signs who like more pals vs. quality confidantes (Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius... I'm talking to you!).

So, yeah, we aren't exactly eager to be a sounding board or to be lectured. Here are a few things no one should say to us... Aquarians have more important things to do!

"You need to scale back." (Please don't limit our ideas to your rigid boundaries.)
"I hate to do this to you but..." (Great, you're going back on your word again?!)
"Blah blah blah blah..." (Endless chatter about nothing bores me to tears!)
"I disagree." (Well then you must be wrong!)

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