Yes, even Pisces makes mistakes - here are yours…

Yes, even Pisces makes mistakes - here are yours…

Although our sign is compassionate and gentle, Pisces have their flaws like every other sign. But we have very specific types of blunders. We are all guilty of the following...

1. Playing victim or martyr when we are criticized or see cruelty of any kind.
2. Worrying ourselves that something from our past will come back to haunt us. And usually everything turns out OK!
3. We unconsciously (or consciously) manipulate people in order to get our way.
4. Wearing our hearts on a sleeve. Very sentimental and emotional, we have a hard time hiding our sadness.
5. We spend a lot of time daydreaming or fantasizing, which makes people perceive us as aloof.

Can you admit being guilty of all these, Pisces?

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