Want to upset a Crab? Criticize their family…

Want to upset a Crab? Criticize their family…

Besides gossip about marriage and breakups, nowadays, celebrity portals mostly feature social-media-related-posts news. Today, I found gossip about a celebrity being upset about some user's comment on her Instagram account.

Cancer Sun Sign Solange Knowles really took seriously someone calling her 11-year-old son Julez "ugly" on one of her Halloween-related posts. Maternal and loyal to the bone, the worst thing you can do to a Crab is criticize their family; especially to their face. Come on! Everyone knows that!

With a sentimental but tenacious response, the 29-year-old musician took the higher road and posted a calm response, affirming that her son receives enough love at home to be worrying about receiving it from outsiders.

It's interesting how social media can really change the interaction between famous and regular people. But an incident like this won't and hasn't stopped this nurturing mom from continuing to post lovely photos and videos of her only son.

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