The myths about Taurus are totally unfair - and so untrue!

The myths about Taurus are totally unfair - and so untrue!

Other signs who don't know Taurus' true nature like to believe we are hard, stubborn, and selfish. Um, no way. We just like to appear strong, confident, and in control. After all, that's why we succeed at things better than other signs.

So, alert the Zodiac! These Taurus "traits" just aren't true, at least not deep down...

We're insensitive. Nope, inside we are incredibly soft-hearted. Seeing others suffer breaks our hearts, but if we feel like we can't help ease it, we can turn off a bit (to stay sane... it's self-protection).

We put ourselves first. This one I don't get at all. Sure, we prioritize our goals, but when it comes down to it, we are the first sign to drop everything for someone else more important.

We're jealous. This is ridiculous. Yes, we get easily upset when someone we care about losing strays, and we might want what others have. Isn't that just being human? We have the humility to show what everyone else feels inside, that's all.

We need luxury. I can be just as happy with low thread-count microfiber sheets and generics, thank you very much. But little do others know that those designer duds I do have are sometimes hugely discounted samples or knock-offs! Sssshhhhh.

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