Why lovely Leo Halle Berry's relationships all fall apart...

Why lovely Leo Halle Berry's relationships all fall apart...

She's gorgeous, talented, and smart... but Halle Berry can't seem to find true, lasting love. Is her Leo pride to blame? Possibly, but the most likely reason is she picks the wrong partners.

She just split from husband Olivier Martinez, a Capricorn. That is one major match-up of very different but very big egos. Both are stubborn and used to getting their way. So, if they stopped playing for the same team, an epic fall-out was bound to happen.

Halle has three aspects - Sun, Moon, and communicative Mercury - in Leo, but she also has an equal number in the traditional, reserved, and sensitive sign of Cancer. So, it's not surprisingly that she might act boldly but feel very fragile and sensitive inside. She can get hurt easily and holds a grudge.

Her other failed romances include marriages to Eric Benet (Libra -- too vanilla for a Leo?) and David Justice (Aries - yikes, both too fiery!), plus serious relationships with Gabriel Aubry (Virgo - eek, not a good zodiac match) and Michael Ealy (another Leo - bet they got too competitive).

So who should Halle seek out? A Sagittarius is her best bet. Maybe Jamie Fox?

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