What specific type of Aquarius are you?

What specific type of Aquarius are you?

No one fits every single characteristic of their Sun Sign. After all, we are all so unique! There are different types of Aquarians. Which one of these are you?

Inventor: You are the first to create something new, from a problem-solving tactic to a new way to cook quinoa in half the time. You're an ideas person whom others come to for inspiration.

Mediator: You help others. Without you, a whole lot of drama would go down. You help keep the peace, and can't stand conflict. You can bring together even the worst adversaries.

Artist: You're expressive, passionate, and can be a lot more emotional than the typical Aquarius. You like to create beauty with your words, food, art, music, or clothes. You may even be a designer of sorts.

Revolutionary: Similar to the Inventor, you take a new idea and improve upon it. You see beyond most others' wildest dreams. Without you, life would be boring. Some might call you odd, but that's a good thing!

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