What's all hidden in this Cancer celeb's life?

What's all hidden in this Cancer celeb's life?

Cancer native Tom Cruise shot to fame in Risky Business in 1983, and has since become an internationally famous movie star. But now he seems more famous for being an absentee father and bad husband! Soooo not Cancer, right?

Like other signs, Cancer's home life isn't always so happy - ironic for a caring, maternal sign like Cancer. Cruise's father was abusive, and Cruise himself went on to have three failed marriages, with two adopted children and one biological.

What Cruise may be more famous for are the hidden details of his life inside Scientology. During his divorce from Katie Holmes, some speculated that he may have been trying to have daughter Suri educated in the church.

Perhaps we'll never know. What's hidden for a Cancer generally stays hidden!

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