Don't meltdown, Scorpio's best ways to relieve stress...

Don't meltdown, Scorpio's best ways to relieve stress...

Every sign suffers from stress; even those that are chill and laid back. But we all deal with it in different ways, and a lot of it is related to the element that rules us. For you, Scorpio, the first thing to do is take some time for yourself. You, more than any other sign, have to occasionally take time alone.

Do something that pleases you. If you like to paint or write, do it in a beautiful garden, or even better, a place near the water will definitely help you recover your sense of purpose. Meditation combined with an exercise of your choice like running or yoga will give you profound peace. Not the workout kid? Lose yourself in a mystery or spy movie or novel.

The one thing to remember, Scorpio, is that even if you need to take time on your own, it's also important to not shut yourself out completely from the world. You need the affection and input from your loved ones. So remember to go back to them once you have managed to center yourself.

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