Cap's numerology super power...

Cap's numerology super power...

Capricorns are intriguing enough as it is, but when you team up this super sign with numerology, you get a power-packed and precise take on why you are the way you are...

Capricorn & 1: A true go-getter, you're good with change and need to be an independent thinker.
Capricorn & 2: You're cooperative and live by the law of attraction. You tend toward perfectionism.
Capricorn & 3: You're a sensitive, artistic soul. You have many close friends and admirers.
Capricorn & 4: You're strong and resilient. People depend on you to make plans and improve matters.
Capricorn & 5: You're a free spirit and go with the flow of life. You're also charismatic and attractive.
Capricorn & 6: You're a helper and a healer. You want to make positive changes, and give great advice.
Capricorn & 7: You're a problem solver and your intellect makes you a savvy business person.
Capricorn & 8: You're a mover and shaker. You like to be in a leadership position and pursue wealth.
Capricorn & 9: You're an old soul with intense highs and lows. Your life promises to be an adventure!
Capricorn & 11: You're empathic and have especially inspirational and thought-provoking ideas.
Capricorn & 22: You're extremely powerful individual with idealistic beliefs, yet you stay down-to-earth.

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