These stars let fame go to their hard Goat heads!

These stars let fame go to their hard Goat heads!

Diva isn't a word you'd usually use to describe a Capricorn, but these stars prove we can be just as dramatic as some less-grounded signs...

Kirstie Alley - Of course, she is well-known for her weight struggles and outspoken nature about the tabloid's obsession about it. But even when she's fit, she sits atop a bubbly soapbox. Her first husband was a distant cousin, then remarried fellow actor Parker Stevenson. She bounced from the Methodist church to Scientology, which she credits with helping her recover from cocaine addiction. But what makes her a true diva? Her continuous string of sitcoms or reality shows revolving around, what else? Her!

Donna Summer - A true diva, this music sensation earned the title, "Queen of Disco" after a string of hits that are still played in clubs and other dance venues around the world. She changed the face of music for women, and divas like Madonna, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Britney Spears and Beyoncé have been inspired and even borrowed from her tracks or covered her hits.

LeBron James - Despite being a basketball star, he's one of those people fans love or critics hate... sometimes both. He can't seem to stay loyal to one team, and his seemingly endless endorsements, dabbling in comedy and acting - even posing for a cover of Vogue! - and outspoken nature put him in "diva" territory!

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