Scorpio celebs plastic surgery disasters...

Scorpio celebs plastic surgery disasters...

Considering a face-lift or even experimenting with a little Botox for that new wrinkle in between your eyes? Well, these Scorpio celebs' plastic surgery disasters will make you reconsider. It doesn't always go as planned.

Demi Moore will never admit it, but we all know she has gotten a lot of jobs done. Her surgeons are amazing for sure, but as she ages; her face is starting to look weirder and weirder.

American Pie's sweetheart Tara Reid had a body contouring tragedy in 2004. Five years later she underwent reconstructive surgery and posed for Playboy, but as we all know, those pics are probably Photoshopped.

Remember how pretty and natural Meg Ryan used to look back in the 80s? Those huge lips she got kept her from getting acting roles, but they do make her look like the joker.

Goldie Hawn! You looked amazing even at 50! Especially with that younger catch holding your arm.

Hilarious Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart got a lip augmentation and a nose job. But instead of making her look prettier, she became topic of critics and gossip columns.

So think again, Scorpio, you have what it takes to age in a natural, graceful way.

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