These cost-saving measures can really add up!

These cost-saving measures can really add up!

You might already be a master at cutting unnecessary costs, but these are ways you can save even more. The little things add up!

Make your own coffee. Invest in a good machine to make your morning wake-up beverage of choice. Save the store-bought ones for special occasions - even if that's every Friday.

Prep all your meals for the week on Sunday. Making the majority of your meals at home will save tons. It should also help you lose weight. Going to the farmer's market? Even better!

Clip coupons. Most major grocery stores have savings clubs and even apps with downloadable coupons that go onto your card. Spend the time to add new ones every Sunday and Wednesday. Then plan your food purchases around the best sales.

Shop around. Even pharmacy items and things like shoes are way cheaper online. If you find something in a store that you want but the price seems steep, check to see if it's cheaper online before you buy.

Wait until Tuesday to buy airline tickets. They often are lowest on this day and go up after Wednesday. And buy ahead if possible.

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