Use this miracle oil to get gorgeous, Taurus...

Use this miracle oil to get gorgeous, Taurus...

Coconut oil isn't just for suntan lotion any more. Like so many other foods, it has undergone an image makeover. Now it's the new "miracle" oil that's good for every part of your body from hair to toes. Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have known of its properties for centuries, and now you do, too!

Skin moisturizer True believers say it makes their skin more radiant.
Oral health Swishing a tablespoon of oil for 20 minutes may whiten teeth and improve bad breath.
Smoothie enhancer Said to increase good (HDL) cholesterol and provide other health benefits.
Butter substitute or popcorn oil And it doesn't taste like coconut.
Heal minor skin irritations Its antimicrobial properties make it good for dermatitis.
Improve hair Strengthens and adds shine to dry hair.

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