The Aquarian miracle oil everyone should use...

The Aquarian miracle oil everyone should use...

If the smell of coconut oil conjures up greasy, bikini-clad bodies baking on the beach in the '70s, you're in for a surprise. It's the new miracle oil, good for every part of your body from hair to toes.

Even medical professionals and Deepak Chopra are on board the coconut oil train. Aquarians will try anything once!

Skin moisturizer. Some swear it makes their skin more radiant.

Oral health. Swishing for 20 minutes may whiten teeth and reduce bacteria.

Smoothie enhancer. May increase good (HDL) cholesterol and provide other health benefits.

Butter substitute or popcorn oil. Go light, though!

Heal minor skin irritations. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties.

Improve hair. Decrease protein loss and add shine to dry hair.

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