Rival in love, Scorpio? This is how you’ll crush them!

Rival in love, Scorpio? This is how you’ll crush them!

Well, well, well, someone actually dared to pursue someone you're interested in. That's because they don't know who they are messing with. Have they been crushed by a Scorpio before? If they haven't, they are up for an experience of a lifetime!

Your strong will almost always gets you what you want, but when it comes to love, or even just lust, you know you're going for the gold! Lucky you, Scorpio, as the sexiest sign in the universe, you have a lot going for yourself.

But let's review your best attributes and get you ready for war! Never forget you have bedroom eyes. You're sexy even when you're not trying to be and your mysterious gaze is legendary. Use your sexual magnetism to attract and tease the object of your desire, but don't give in too soon, keep some of the mystery going.

By then they are probably infatuated with you and have lost interest in your rival. Once you have hypnotized them, the moment of truth arrives, what they have heard is true, having sex with you is like a religious experience, and they are so deep into it, they don't even remember the other chick or guy's name!

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