Knowing when to wear your favorite fashion item...

Knowing when to wear your favorite fashion item...

The French shoe designer Roger-Henri Vivier said, "To wear dreams on one's feet is to begin to give reality to one's dreams."

Dreams and feet - what could be more Pisces than that? Whether your day is spent racing from meeting to meeting, shuttling the kids to practice, standing, running, pacing, or biking, or if you prefer flats, low heels, trainers, spikes, plain or embellished - make sure you wear the right shoes for the activity (you know how sensitive your feet are!)

And if you just can't abide mile-high heels on your feet, you can still wear luxurious Jimmy Choo perfume on your wrists. With notes of orange, pear, orchid, patchouli, and toffee, it's spicy and sweet - just like you!

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