Defending your beauty-seeking nature!

Defending your beauty-seeking nature!

It's true that Venus-ruled Libra is about what's on the surface. They like beautiful things and surroundings, good-looking people, and love to beautify themselves with clothing, shoes, accessories, and perfume, and seldom have a hair out of place.

Other signs may accuse you of being superficial, and part of that may be right. But you don't do it all for vanity's sake. For you, it's about using your body and home as places to express your inner personality. And you want to impress your love interests. What's easier than looking good for them?

One of your primal needs is to be attractive and desired. You just enjoy being wanted. Just make sure that you're not focusing so much on what's outside that you miss out on all the great internal qualities of potential mates - and showing off your inner beauty, too.

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