The scales tip in your favor, Libra!

The scales tip in your favor, Libra!

Libra is the most balanced sign, due to their ruler the Scales. This can mean that you're emotionally able to handle all life throws at you without flinching. But it also means that your face and body are lovely and symmetrical, exhibiting perfect grace.

You happily extend this into the world with your kindness, which can hopefully turn around a bad day for someone else. Your balance shows up as ease in handling stress.

Due to their Air ruler, Libras are great at maintaining their cool. That is why you do great when using practices like yoga and deep breathing as ways to stay loose.

Because Libra is better as part of a group than flying solo, in times of stress, you make the right choice by calling friends who you feel comfortable with - the more the merrier.

Beauty also plays a key role in your life, making you aware that surrounding yourself with beautiful environments does wonders for you. Keep up the good work, Libra. No one is more balanced than you!

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