Your money should work for you - are you letting it?

Your money should work for you - are you letting it?

Libra loves money not for money's sake, but for the things it can do and buy. You love beautiful and expensive things to wear, drive and have around in your environment. But money is really to enhance the beauty in life, according to you. It brings a lot of peace when you surround yourself with it.

Your sign doesn't like anything overpowering and smothering. If you're in an ugly environment, you may have trouble concentrating. Libra's not a snob, but blinking fluorescent lights and cheap cubicles offends your sensibilities.

You are drawn to a beauty that conveys a harmonious mingling of qualities, and feeling comfortable in your surroundings gets the best out of your personality. Look for a workplace that has plenty of light, plants and access to fresh air, if possible.

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