The surprising way Virgos show they're in love...

The surprising way Virgos show they're in love...

You won't see Virgos proclaiming their love from the rooftops or proposing via skywriter! Their methods are subtler, but no less ardent for that. In fact, it can be hard for a Virgo's love interest to even, well, know they are interested!

Virgos are obsessed with logic and clarity (two things often missing in the realm of love!), but if you're having a heart-to-heart talk with one, there's a real connection if they seem focused on the negative.

Weird, right? But if the nitpicking won't stop, that's only because he or she really likes you! Why bother criticizing someone you're never going to see again?

The real clue that things are going well is when this anxious worrier lets down the defenses and completely relaxes. Set the date when you no longer seem to be their fix-it project!

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