It's time for climax! Get in the mood, Scorpio...

It's time for climax! Get in the mood, Scorpio...

The stars have spoken... it's time for love. Whether you are married, have a long-time partner or just have a current squeeze, put a date in the books, because things are about to heat up and you do not want to miss out!

Getting in the mood is everything when it comes to love and passion. If there's someone that knows how to do this, it's you, Scorpio.

Start by getting your sign's flowers, the Chrysanthemum is the one you identify with, get it in every single color you find and make a nice bouquet. Just like chivalry is not dead, so is showing off your sex-appeal with either a sexy lingerie set or even just a sensual sarong wrap.

What's next? Prepare an aromatherapy bath for two combining rose, jasmine and angelica, light a lavender candle, put on some delicate música, and lose yourself in the pleasures of lust.

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