You’re Fired!


On October 28, 2014

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You’re Fired!

Nobody’s perfect, but sometimes it’s important to at least seem like you are. That goes double when you’re at work, especially if you don’t own or run the business. The tips below will help your sign shine in business ventures.

Aries: Your ruling planet is Mars, the Roman God of War, so when you blow, it’s an amazing sight – and you do tend to be a loose cannon at times. Your mission is to keep that famous temper in check. It may not be easy, but it sure beats living in sub-par conditions.

Taurus: Ever try to move a bull who’d prefer to stay put? That’s you, Taurus, especially when something hasn’t been done right. The thing is, some bosses prefer things to move along quickly. If you constantly feel rushed, save yourself some aggravation and look for a job that will let you complete projects on a comfortable timeline.

Gemini: Your symbol is the Roman numeral two, and you’re the sign of the Twins. Obviously, multitasking isn’t a problem, but while you’re more than adept at chatting and keeping your hands busy, other folks aren’t all so lucky. Don’t distract them. Wait until lunch to tell them the latest news.

Cancer: The Moon – Queen of Emotions – is your ruling planet, so expressing your feelings comes quite naturally to you. Some feelings aren’t fit for public display, however. It’s up to you to decide which ones to keep under wraps until you’re sure they’re appropriate.

Leo: You’re the most entertaining sign out there, Leo – it’s in your astrological job description. It may not be in your real-world job description, however, so if you’ve got a boss who doesn’t appreciate your talent for keeping the masses amused, tone it down. There’s always happy hour.

Virgo: The devil’s in the details, Virgo – that’s your motto. You can spot even the tiniest imperfections immediately, and it makes you crazy. You’re the fixer of the Zodiac, a quality that’s usually appreciated. Just don’t go overboard if your boss tends to see things less critically.

Libra: The best way to keep things balanced on the job is the toughest for you to pull off, Libra – to avoid having a relationship at work. It’s quite natural for you to form bonds, especially when you spend so much time with someone, but remember that things might get tricky if relationship drama ensues.

Scorpio: You’re the sexiest sign out there, Scorpio, and not ashamed to strut your stuff or talk about your adventures. Keep a lid on the most scandalous details until quitting time. The higher-ups won’t appreciate it if everyone who works with you can’t concentrate on anything but you.

Sagittarius: The hardest part of working for a living is putting yourself there, Sag – especially since the world is full of such fascinating places and interesting people. Not that your co-workers aren’t terrific, but you’ve already met them, but you’ve got to pay for those vacations somehow.

Capricorn: It’s a given you’ll end up being in charge one day, Capricorn. It’s just what happens. You take a part-time job and end up running the place a few months later. Just don’t push it. The higher-ups will figure it out soon enough.

Aquarius: You’re different, Aquarius. It’s already obvious to others, though, so you can relax and stop trying to demonstrate that to your co-workers. Sometimes it’s good to blend in, so keep your attitude and edge in check before your reveal your unconventional side.

Pisces: “Stop daydreaming.” Bet you’ve heard that once or twice, hmm? It’s tough for you to keep your mind focused on reality when fantasy is so much more rewarding and far easier to deal with. But if you want to keep your job, force yourself. You can’t afford your escapes if you don’t have a job.

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