Top 10 Careers For Pisces


On October 28, 2014

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Top 10 Careers For Pisces

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Pisces is probably the most creative and inspired employee.

Pisces often find it difficult to be on time and are not usually suited to life in a nine-to-five job. They need to choose jobs that allow them to express themselves and be true to their creative vision. An organic process will bring them to their goals.

Pisces need to have an unstructured environment, creative license, and enough money to pay the bills. They will inspire coworkers and the public when given the chance to explore and create.

Read on to see which careers are best suited to Pisces.

1. Monk/Nun
This extreme career choice requires Pisces to give up all their worldly goods and take a vow of chastity. The upside is that they won’t have to worry about paying the rent and the downside is the need to be good all the time. Since Pisces naturally spends a lot of time in reverie, it should be a natural progression to sit in prayer.

2. Lighthouse Keeper
The thought of spending a lot of time alone by the sea would be very compelling for a Pisces. There wouldn’t be a lot of distractions or traffic, except the occasional ship going by. These days, it would be difficult to snag this kind of job, but Pisces can be quite creative in their employment searches. They might have a bit of difficulty keeping the lens clean and the foghorn unobstructed, but otherwise the Fish would literally be in their element.

3. Psychic
The life of a psychic medium is perfect for Pisces. They don’t have to keep a nine-to-five job and can book appointments only when they feel like it. Visions and impressions will be helpful in this career, unlike working as an accountant or jet pilot. Neither of those professionals should see things that aren’t there. Other helpful benefits include working from home, not needing a large wardrobe, and having lots of time to tend their garden.

4. Pharmacist
Depending on whether they want to work under or over the table, be illegal or legitimate, Pisces would love to be around and dispense drugs. They have a fascination with the properties and qualities of substances and their effect on the human body. Either way they will make good money, while using their natural compassion and concern for others’ well-being. The tough part would be the long, rigorous educational path for a pharmaceutical degree, but worth it.

5. Bartender
This career is perfect for Pisces, as long as they can stay away from the merchandise. They have a natural affinity for the perfect blend of liquor and mixes. Pisces natives forget many things, but never how to make a good Martini or a Manhattan. The perfect setting would be a bar with live music and a waterfall or aquarium, or a Tiki bar in the tropics. Failing that a hotel bar or a neighborhood pub would be just fine. Knowing just what to say to a tipsy patron causing everyone grief is a unique talent.

6. Religious Teacher
Pisces is perfectly suited to religious life, particularly when striving for perfection. Pisces is far from perfect but they reach for the top with reckless abandon. Very few achieve this level of success, but when they do they can usually bliss out in union with the Divine. In this position they are able to share wisdom with others, achieve nirvana and live a life of simplicity. Recently however, being a religious leader also involves owning several homes and cars – added perks!

7. Filmmaker
Pisces excels at anything that involves a vivid imagination. In film they can create another world that is highly real but not necessarily capable of existing. Organization can be a real challenge, but when working on a project of this nature Pisces can summon the inner resources to create something spectacular. Think of the work of Spielberg or Lucas to understand what they are capable of.

8. Photographer
As a career for Pisces, this one is ideal. Their unique vision can be brought to life by the camera lens. Modern technology has made life even more interesting for the photographer because they can now alter their images digitally. Pisces can artfully enhance their work and repurpose it for other uses. Other worldly effects can be added to ordinary images. They are probably responsible for a large percentage of the funny joke photos showing up in our email.

9. Animator
Animators are very strange creatures indeed. Most likely the field is made up of a lot of Pisces individuals. This career demands a high level of visual imagination, concentration, and technical knowledge. Concentrating for long hours can be a real challenge, but when creating an animation Pisces are capable of becoming quite lost in the project. Health and balance can become secondary in their pursuit of perfection. They need to watch that their diet doesn’t consist of coffee, cigarettes, and fast food when the schedule gets tight.

10. Addictions Counselor
Many Pisces long to help others. First they must help themselves. If they can face and rise above their own demons, they will have the desire to work with others to beat their addictions. This path requires a commitment to sobriety or change, compassion, understanding and the ability to read people. Ideally they are able to help the other person get the help they need without being deceived or manipulated (an occupational hazard). Pisces are natural therapists and excellent listeners.

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