Top 10 Careers for Virgo


On October 28, 2018

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Top 10 Careers for Virgo

Virgo is the type of employee who will get things done right, even if he or she drives everyone crazy in the process. This Earth sign is very particular and neat, and keeps well-organized records, notes and files and prefers a career that allows them autonomy. And ultimately, Virgo thrives in a profession where they can follow the rules and maintain an unblemished reputation.

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Read on to see which careers are best suited to Virgo.

1. Accountant

Virgos are known far and wide for their eye for detail, critical nature, and head for figures. In this career, they can indulge their need to go over financial matters with a fine-tooth comb. Taking on the challenge to help their clients keep more of their money while also paying their share of taxes will keep their moral compass pointed in the right direction. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Auditor, Risk Assessment Manager, Book Keeper

2. Nutritionist

One way Virgo likes to help make the world a better place is to teach people how to take care of themselves with good eating habits. Couple that desire with a lifelong interest in health and nutrition and you’ve got yourself a satisfying career. And don’t forget Virgo likes to practice what they preach and can speak from experience. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Life Coach, Occupational Therapist, Masseuse

3. Acupuncturist

An interest in health and natural healing would be a satisfying avenue for Virgos to explore. Always experimenting with herbs, vitamins, and health foods, some may decide to study the science in depth. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Holistic Healer, Naturopathologist, Yoga Instructor

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4. Professional Housekeeper

Life at home for Virgo is a non-stop whirl of housework, laundry, and straightening. By turning their natural sense of an organized home into a business, Virgo’s sense of perfection will come in handy when working to certain standards. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Home Stager, Professional Organizer, Personal Assistant

5. Executive Assistant

This Earth sign is very organized and efficient and pays great attention to detail. These are ideal traits for organizing someone else’s time and stuff, especially if that someone is the president of the company or celebrity. Virgo is adept at organizing schedules, coordinating functions, meetings, and travel, and he or she won’t complain if the boss delegates secondary tasks such as house-sitting, personal shopping, typing term papers, and running miscellaneous errands. Other professions that fit within this realm include:

6. Statistician

An excellent job for detail-obsessed Virgo, collecting and analyzing statistics for government, industry, and business could be a dream. Percentages and numbers collected in massive databases are the tools of the trade and seeing the results will make this Earth sign happy beyond compare. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Research Analyst, Geologist, Forest Ranger, Auditor, Consultant

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7. Archivist

Another career that allows Virgo the luxury of sorting and categorizing is that of an archivist. Detail-oriented, this career not only satisfying a Virgo’s love for order. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Museum Director, Art Historian, Book Store Owner, Archeologist

8. Computer Engineer

When there is a problem with information output or systems workflow, then Virgo is the person to call. With infinite patience, they can find and delete all the duplicate entries and stale information as well as rebuild complex computer systems to ensure that they run smoothly. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Systems Analyst, Electrician, City Planner

9. Lab Technician

In the workforce, Virgo is the person you want collecting the data, recording findings, collating the information and creating reports. Their legendary thoroughness and attention to detail create rock-solid results. They might drive coworkers insane with the length of time it takes or the occasional need to revisit the material, but the job will be done correctly. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Data Analyst, Surveyor, Scientist

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10. Welder

This career requires a high level of accuracy and skill and a steady hand. One false move, and a structure could develop cracks or equipment could fail. Virgo makes sure that each weld is of the utmost quality and that it meets all industry standards. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Sculptor, Ceramicist, Craftsman, Furniture Designer, Architect

Artwork by Marissa Cuevas

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