The Psychic Go-Betweens


On October 27, 2014

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The Psychic Go-Betweens

The word medium comes from the Latin word for “middle” and perfectly describes what a psychic medium is: a middleman or woman between this world and the world beyond. A medium has the ability to connect to the spirit world and to receive and pass on messages from entities living in this realm.

There are three main types of mediumship: trance, physical, and mental. A trance medium is often unconscious of the messages passing through and therefore obviously couldn’t work on a phone line.

A physical medium specializes in manipulation of energy systems. Someone like that can, for example, recognize and remove blockages in your energy field that prevent you from achieving certain career or private goals. And yes, this can be done at a distance. Think, for example, of Edgar Cayce, who helped thousands of people in this way.

Mental mediumship is the most commonly practiced kind, probably because it has so many benefits for the sitter. A mental medium sees, hears, and/or senses the information given by the spirits.

But why would one want to contact the spirit world? Well, those who went through the sad experience of losing a loved one often wonder about their well-being. Some people would like to exchange communication for which they didn’t have time or opportunity while the person in question was still alive. Some people simply miss the advice they were used to receiving from their departed loved one. A medium can give you the reassurance you’re seeking and pass on the messages. However, please keep in mind that the psychic is having a sort of conference call with you and the spirits as conversation partners. There may be the odd moment of silence while the psychic is listening to the third party.

Even if you’re not seeking contact with a specific spirit, you can benefit from a reading by a skilled and experienced medium. There are many spirits who don’t move on because they wish to remain in the vicinity of mankind to help. They often become so-called spirit guides, who work hard to help us understand ourselves and the difficult situations we often encounter. To achieve this, they often attach themselves to people who know how to communicate with them. Therefore, many mediums have one or more spirit guides.

Most of us cannot look into the future or see what is happening in a faraway place. But in the world beyond, time and space do not form the same boundaries that limit us here on earth. In other words, the medium can access information from the past, present, and future. Likewise, the medium can often find information about events that take place far away from your own location.

So, whether you’d like to make sure a deceased or missing person is all right, get a glimpse of the future regarding an important process in your life, or find advice to resolve an issue, our mediums and their spirit guides are here to help!

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