Is Your Past Ruining Your Future?


On October 17, 2014

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Is Your Past Ruining Your Future?

Karma comes in two types: good and bad. Basically, you can acquire both the good and the bad, but avoiding the bad and achieving the good is complicated. You may do what you think is good and it turns out bad – for you or someone else.

If you believe in reincarnation, you may be dealing with a backlog of bad works from a life you can’t even remember. But have no fear! You’ve done plenty of good deeds that you don’t remember or realize, too. Good karma releases and relieves bad karma, and lessens those anxieties and sufferings that create such pain now and then.

For some reminders of what good works come naturally to you, see below. Pump good deeds out into the world, forgive yourself for any slip-ups, feel good, and don’t look back.

Be kind and encourage by example. Be warm and cheerful but not overbearing, and watch your good influence spread. A discouraged person can be lifted by your bright self-motivation.

You have an eye (and taste and feel) for beauty in the material world. Let your enthusiasm shine and share your love of the good things in life (no matter how small). Life is a work of art in progress.

You’re the communicator of the Zodiac. Listen and encourage people to speak and express themselves. Be available to take someone to an appointment, meeting, or interview, or just shopping. A little favor can turn a life around.

You can make people feel at home. You don’t have to adopt them, but make them feel truly at home and hearts will open up and blossom like flowers. Your empathy and warm feelings can dispel loneliness.

You live front and center in the spotlight, so when you share the spotlight or hand it over to someone else, it can be a profound gift and blessing. You can encourage and support the self-esteem of others like no other sign.

Practicality and diligence in the small things of life are second nature to you. You can be the secret (or not so secret) champion of the underappreciated. A compliment or kind word from you can have great effect.

Peace, quiet, and harmony are at your core, and a lot of people crave these things, too. You also naturally see both sides of any disagreement, so people feel they can talk to you. Be there to listen. This is a powerful path to good karma.

No problem is too dire or any emergency too extreme for you. You are tough and compassionate, and you can be with people when no one else can. Bear the unbearable (real or imagined) and massive good works flow.

You live life on a big scale and are not intimidated by the ways of the world. Be there to advise and comfort someone who is too meek or nervous to deal with a problem, and watch them strengthen, learn, and grow.

You are a tireless worker and the best example of someone who keeps going when things get rough. Let your work be demonstrated more publicly and watch people come to you for inspiration.

You are an advocate for The People, and an agent for The Future. Your big-scale, innovative outlook gives hope to others. You can always come up with a Plan B. Share your natural optimism with people and see them revive.

You know what’s in a person’s heart. People trust and will talk to you. Protect your own inner softness, but be there to listen and empathize. Sometimes, that’s the best work to be done.

We are all struggling to release our bad karma. Smile and say hello often. Do good deeds for others, and refrain from evil tactics… in turn, have a calmer, happier life!

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