Psychic TV Stars


On October 27, 2014

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Psychic TV Stars

Through television, some psychics and mediums have become major celebrities, fascinating viewers with their abilities, which are believed to paranormal. Here are a few of these special mediums and clairvoyants who have been acknowledged for their gifts by rewarding them with fame.

TV psychics share two things in common. The first is their belief that – on command – they can use paranormal powers, and the second is they all love to entertain.

Sylvia Browne
Perhaps the most famous, the late Sylvia Browne became a television icon as a weekly guest of talk show host Montel Williams. She also frequently appeared on Larry King Live and Coast to Coast AM. Browne claimed that her insight came from her spirit guide named Francine, who she began communicating with at age 6. Her grandmother, also a medium, noticed her granddaughter’s abilities and helped her develop them. Sylvia Browne made some very daring predictions and became highly controversial. She had the reputation for either coming up with incredible information, or being way off the mark.

James Van Praagh
On his talk show Beyond, Van Praagh claims to contact the deceased relatives of audience members. He uses psychic abilities to communicate with the dead that James is certain he was born with. He considers himself a ghost whisperer that believes that he can heal grief over lost loved ones by helping people to believe in the hereafter. His claims to be able to communicate with famous celebrities right after they die has brought him fame through controversy. Oprah Winfrey made Van Praagh a household name and the New York Post even printed a story that Cher had hired Van Praagh to communicate with her beloved Sonny from the grave.

Lisa Williams
British clairvoyant Lisa Williams is the star of her own TV show, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead. In this show, Lisa travels across the United States helping common people resolve issues with loved ones who have passed away. She also demonstrates her ability to do everyday psychic feats, such as finding lost objects. After her first successful show, she hosted Lifetime’s Voices from the Other Side and is currently in negotiations to bring that show back. Lisa Williams lives in Los Angeles and is one of the few clairvoyants to pierce the celebrity veil, but has also paid a heavy price for that fame, including a series of fraud charges.

Walter Mercado
After 15 consecutive years on the air, the ultra flamboyant Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado may very well be the most internationally successful television spiritualist of them all. For almost a decade his ads and shows ran on Univision, one of the largest Spanish language channels in the world. Walter’s over-the-top style is a mixture of Liberace meets Star Trek. He is completely out of this galaxy and celebrities love him. His daily horoscopes can get as much attention as world news in both the US and Latin America. His predictions are often of the big picture, involving issues of global significance, relating to both politics and religious agendas. His basic philosophy encourages peace, love, and faith in one God.

Micki Dahne
The daughter and heir apparent to a famous clairvoyant, Micki Dahne is one of the best known psychic mediums in the world. Pretty and vivacious, the networks snapped her up and Micki has subsequently appeared on TV hundreds of times. Her clients include actors, singers, and politicians. She has survived at least four different phases and trends in the spiritualist movement, no small feat in itself. When the National Enquirer needs a psychic they call on Micki and her record is so good she was the psychic on Court TV. Micki is also the proud mother of celebrity psychic Jill Dahne.

John Edward
John is an American-born TV medium with two successful shows under his belt. Crossing Over with John Edward and Cross Country. His shows have been long-running on the Sci Fi Channel and We TV. Edward claims, “This is something that is driven by a belief in God. It’s the energy from that force that I think allows us to create this energy.” Before becoming a professional medium he was a ballroom dancer. By mixing his early life-altering psychic reading by a New Jersey medium with his love of entertainment, John Edward has become one of TV’s best-loved psychics.

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