Get Him To Change


On October 22, 2014

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Get Him To Change

Is it really possible – or advisable – to change a man? All the information to date suggests that it is not. The more you try to force them to do what you want the less successful you will be. They will either tell you where to go or resent you for being rude and insensitive. However, if you feel like a man in your life needs a few tweaks and still want to try, there are different rules for different signs that you need to be aware of when initiating a stealth makeover.

Aries: This fiery sign is macho, macho, macho. Even female Rams can be masculine, and no Aries likes being told what to do. If you want them to change you need to engage their brain and show them why it is a good idea. If you can make it seem like their idea, all the better.

Taurus: Security is the name of the game. They dislike any form of change unless it will make them even more comfortable and happy. It’s like moving a plant to a new pot. What you are suggesting needs to be bigger, better, and allow them to flourish on their own terms.

Gemini: This sign is perhaps the easiest of all to change as they alter their minds so often anyway. The difficulty here may be trying to prevent them from changing too much. If you don’t like any of their current incarnations, you are in trouble. They will continue to do as they please.

Cancer: If want to get a male of this sign to change in any way at all, you need to act like their mother, nicely advising them what to do, what to wear, and where to go. It is more likely to work than not. If this approach creeps you out, you may be with the wrong person.

Leo: Leo males tell you what to do – they were born to give orders, and they don’t back down when faced with ultimatums. Being a Fixed Sign, you have an almost impossible task on your hands. There is a slither of a chance if you can appeal to their vanity.

Virgo: You do have some leeway with this sign, but you have to play your cards right. They appreciate that you care enough to tell them where they are going wrong. And they are more than happy to point out your faults, too. If you want them to change, you will need to change yourself!

Libra: You may think they have changed and they may even manage to trick you into believing them. But if you watch them closely enough you will realize that the fa├žade is fooling no one. Deep down they are still the same as they always were and will be.

Scorpio: If you want a Scorpio to change then something has to expire. They need to have a very good reason to make a complete metamorphosis from an old way of being to a new way. Think about caterpillars and butterflies. After endless death throes and heart-wrenching angst, they change. Once completed it is irreversible.

Sagittarius: Another sign that loves adventure and the ability to roam free, change in this instance means you probably want them to be more settled. Fat chance! You can’t beat them, so either join them or move on. There is no middle ground.

Capricorn: If change means a chance to realize their fondest dreams and ambitions and to reach the top, they will be with you all the way. If it means going against the grain they will stoically ignore your most anguished pleas and life will be business as usual.

Aquarius: Aquarians are very partial to fixed ideas and ideals, which can come between you. They enjoy aligning themselves to a cause and sticking with it. If they are fighting for something then urging them to stop is tantamount to telling them the relationship is over.

Pisces: If you want a Pisces male to change then it may be because you want them to get real, be more grounded, and do something. They are both directors and actors in their own life, and it is up to them to make it as they like. They may just get creative enough to make a splash.

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