Sensual Foods To Turn Him On


On October 22, 2014

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Sensual Foods To Turn Him On

Want to create the right recipe for romance? Here are edibles that should delight each sign’s sensual senses…

Aries: Spicy stuff – they just love it. Spicy foods create endomorphines, and raise the adrenaline level in our bodies. These fight-or-flight oriented folks just love to feel a rush – almost as much as they’ll love you for helping them fuel it.

Taurus: It makes sense that Taureans would love salads, since there’s no sign more closely tied to the Earth – and they’ll definitely devour a salad, as long as there’s some rich, tasty dressing on top of it. It would be preferable to them, however, if you brought a rich dessert to share, too.

Gemini: Geminis love variety, so don’t ever try feeding yours anything that tastes like whatever you’ve served over the past couple of weeks. Instead, invest in a cookbook or two – preferably unique ones that will allow you to cook a creative meal quickly. They’re not known for their patience.

Cancer: Cookies. Muffins. A fresh-baked pie that’s still warm. Yum! Serve this to your Cancer and they’ll absolutely purr – at which point, you’ll be the object of their happy, satisfied attention. Lucky you! If anyone can share their sensual affections, it’s them.

Leo: It’s got to be dramatic and they’re Fire Signs, so flaming dishes of any kind will work well. Of course, watching someone put on a show – say, at a sushi bar (or hibachi grill place) will always be your best bet.

Virgo: Whatever you serve your Virgo, be sure that it’s good for them. They’re the sign that rules health and fitness. They’re also the reason for the expression “you eat with your eyes,” so keep it neat and pretty. Presentation is everything.

Libra: These signs give new meaning to the phrase “a balanced diet.” They’re here to learn through their relationships, and how to restore balance in their lives. That means they’re after a truly equal partner – which often means eating well to stay attractive.

Scorpio: If it’s exciting – in other words, if they’re feeling naughty when they’re eating it – they’ll adore you for bringing it to them. So serve your Scorpio something positively delicious – calories and health standards don’t matter. Then, offer to help them work off those terrible calories…

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the sign of “more, most, and many.” Obviously, you should never, ever try to feed them diet food. They’ll think you’ve completely lost your mind – and worse, that you’re no fun.

Capricorn: They’re very set in their ways. You shouldn’t try to ply them with anything overly sweet, overly salty, too rich, or too spicy… really, nothing overly anything. Keep it simple and they’ll love it.

Aquarius: Get yourself some whipped cream, and show it to them – just before you hit the sack. They’ll love it. These folks can be extremely kinky, and whipped cream is just the icing on the cake…

Pisces: Pisces love gentle food – anything that’s not too harsh on the system or overly processed. If you’re trying to seduce a Pisces, try some shrimp cocktail – perfect for all the Water Signs – or better still, some nice, warm soup.

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