Clues You Can’t Trust Him


On October 22, 2014

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Clues You Can’t Trust Him

Does your man have a poker face that makes it hard to catch him in a lie or even detect if he might be cheating on you? Don’t worry. Each sign has a “tip-off” that can let you know when he’s being deceptive.

Aries: Denial, anyone? An Aries man reacts in an overly aggressive manner to accusations of which he is guilty. So, if your man gets really mad at you instead of laughing your questions off, you’re probably the one with the reason to be angry.

Taurus: The normally secure Taurus will begin to show insecurity if he’s lying or keeping something from you. If jealousy starts rearing its ugly head, don’t just think it’s cute. It’s a symptom of underlying problems that your Taurus man may be hiding.

Gemini: “Don’t look over my shoulder!” Get suspicious if you suddenly start hearing that from your Gemini guy. Normally free with information, a Gemini only hides it when he has something worth concealing.

Cancer: A Cancer is content to spend plenty of time with his partner, but if he suddenly seems distant, there’s something he isn’t telling you. A Cancer doesn’t like a lot of alone time, so he might be spending that time with somebody else.

Leo: A Leo man can get controlling or start arguments in a relationship to take attention away from his indiscretions. So if he’s picking fights and telling you what you can and can’t do with your own time, it’s a cover-up act for something he’s doing.

Virgo: “I don’t care. Do what you want.” A Virgo man is normally very sensitive and kind, but when there’s something to cover up, he does so by removing the emotion from his voice and conversations. Be suspicious if he suddenly seems colder.

Libra: “Why don’t you trust me?” A Libra man is very good at lying when he feels like he has to. The Libra turns to emotional manipulation to make a partner feel like a terrible person for even bringing up the subject of possible deception.

Scorpio: A Scorpio man who has something to hide can get downright nasty. If he suddenly starts making cruel comments about your intelligence or appearance, you can bet that he’s using the mean manipulation to distract you from his own dastardly deeds.

Sagittarius: Careless Sagittarius men leave obvious clues about their lies. He might change his story a little bit each time you ask. If he’s cheating, you might find phone numbers and even clothing from the other woman lying around his home.

Capricorn: “You drove me to this!” When a Capricorn man is being deceptive, he starts playing the blame game. If you catch him in a lie, he’ll try to turn it around on you. If he hasn’t been caught yet, you will find him acting less trusting of you.

Aquarius: A lying Aquarius man can be quite convincing, because he can remain cool as a cucumber and lie straight to your face. But in order to do so, he has to remain emotionally detached, which is a clue that there’s something wrong. He will try to appeal to your logical side rather than your heart.

Pisces: A Pisces man has a conscience that will give him away when he’s lying. When you suddenly see him doing way too much for you out of the blue, like offering to buy you things or do extra chores, it may be because he’s feeling guilty.

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