Is He Playing Games?


On October 21, 2014

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Is He Playing Games?

Here is a sign-by-sign guide for handling those situations when your lover acts like an immature brat!

Aries: You won’t stand for this for one minute. You’ll give it right back. You might throw your own tantrum – and all your toys out of the crib, too! Act like a big baby and do your worst. The one who screams loudest wins.

Taurus: You genuinely hate this sort of thing because it just isn’t nice. Do what comes naturally and go deadly quiet. Then do the sulky, moody bit and slam a few doors. Refuse those special favors. Your mate will be so freaked out that they’ll start behaving.

Gemini: If your partner tries to mess with your head, you’ll instantly make them regret it. Your ability to spout ceaseless small talk means that before long your mate will do anything just to shut you up – that means anything! Keep jabbering away!

Cancer: This is likely to bring out your parental instincts. If you indulge this side of your nature too much, your partner could become even more immature and think you can be twisted around their little finger – just like they did with mommy dearest. Tough love is the answer.

Leo: You can nip this in the bud right away by assuming total control of the relationship. If you roar loud enough, your mate will sit up and start to behave. Your partner was probably testing your limits and seeing what they could get away with.

Virgo: You’ll have a field day if you lover starts acting weird. The analyst within will immediately want to make an appearance. A few deeply personal, searching questions, along with a disapproving glare, will make your mate squirm. Nobody can handle too much of this!

Libra: You hate confrontation. You also hate vulgar displays and bad behavior. You might decide to call it a day by sending a tactful text or one of your special “I’m sorry” letters. Telling your partner face-to-face would be far too messy.

Scorpio: You love these psychological games. Being a master of manipulation yourself, you’re in your element. You don’t mind giving a partner plenty of rope. Your relationship could develop all the atmosphere of a Hitchcock movie!

Sagittarius: You don’t play games. You simply say it like it is. But your love of jokes and lack of commitment could encourage immature some behavior. Make a point of embarrassing your mate as much as they embarrass you. That will shut them up!

Capricorn: You aren’t amused by any kind of immature behavior. You don’t hesitate to let your lover know how displeased you are if they start any games. Like an angry parent, you must chastise the “child” as only you can. Your partner will either lap it up or leave.

Aquarius: This kind of attitude makes you squirm. You prefer a relationship where you can chill out and get along with as little fuss as possible. To avoid any unpleasantness, you might space out completely and do the absentminded-professor thing by ignoring your partner, who will soon get the hint and back off or behave.

Pisces: You can give as good as you get in this situation. You’re able to turn the tables in the blink of an eye, and indulge your victim side for good measure. Once your mate sees that you’re better at playing these games, they’ll run a mile.

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