Your Next Relationship’s Fate


On February 1, 2017

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Your Next Relationship’s Fate

We would all like the ability to look around the next corner and see what’s coming up, especially when it comes to love and romance. Armed with your own natal chart and that of your lover or potential lover, you have a wealth of information available that will let you in on a few secrets.

But before you even get to the chart stage, one big problem could be your refusal to listen to that inner voice that pipes up when you’re about to make a major relationship error. If you don’t listen to it, you could end up in a love affair that teaches you a lot about the necessity of trusting that inner guidance.

Back to the natal charts. You first need to assess your ability to enjoy a great relationship. If there are difficult aspects involving the Seventh House in your natal chart, this could be an indicator that you’re going to learn from almost every partnership you’re involved with. How does the Seventh House of your lover-to-be look? Be honest if you want to avoid any hassle!

It isn’t just the major planets that can stir up all kinds of issues to stretch us and test our patience and understanding. The personal planets and their relationships across the chart are equally important.

If the Moons of you and the other person are in conflict, it could be very difficult to feel at home with one another. What makes one comfortable could make the other very uncomfortable. The same holds true with other inter-aspects, such as your Mercury square the other person’s Mercury, Mercury square Mars, the Venus of one person square or opposite the Saturn of another, plus a host of others. Any of these can cause a drain on the relationship that takes the edge off it. If you have one or more of these aspects showing up across the chart, think carefully before getting involved. It’s possible that other areas of the relationship more than make up for this, but often it’s the little annoying habits a lover exhibits that really get to you.

Another trying influence is when the Saturn of one chart sits on the Descendant of the other chart and so opposes the Ascendant. This can make for a very difficult relationship with a major learning curve! Perhaps the biggest piece of advice is to not try to stick it out, because it can make for a pretty miserable relationship experience. The same is also true if Pluto, Uranus, or Neptune, the other members of the “big four,” is on the Descendant.

It can be equally difficult if any of these planets from the partner’s chart is conjunct your Ascendant. His or her self-expression could be cramped and, as a result, they could find it hard to assert their individuality.

If there are a lot of Pluto or Saturn inter-aspects, the relationship could descend into a power struggle and never really flow and grow. Fear and manipulation could cause contraction and loss of love rather than expansion and joy. You can try going on a few dates, but don’t commit to anything. You could find it hard to get out once you make a commitment.

Finally, it also helps to take a look at the various ongoing transits, especially those that show up at the time of your meeting and on into the days, weeks, and months ahead. Try not to get too involved around the time of an Eclipse. Don’t commit until a week or so after. If one Eclipse follows another, then wait until both are over before you decide whether to go ahead.

You might want to think twice if the relationship starts when Neptune is on your Descendant. It suggests that you could be about to learn how to avoid falling for a sob story and end up in a co-dependent relationship. The same holds true for Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus.

It pays to listen to your feelings and check out the charts before you make a move. By doing so, you could avoid having to relearn the same relationship mistakes over and over again!

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