Breakup-Proof Your Love


On October 17, 2014

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Breakup-Proof Your Love

Heavens knows that people can be difficult, and relationships even more so. Want to make yours breakup-proof? Take some tips from astrology.

What do you need in a partner so that you’d never want to let him or her go? What’s the one thing that your partner simply has to adore about you? If you give each other these things, then you have a breakup-proof relationship.

Although the sign of your partner’s Seventh House (the house of spouses and partners) is the best indicator, the Sun Sign alone can clue you in to what you and your partner need in order to stay together, no matter what the world throws at you.

Aries: Do-it-yourself Aries doesn’t want to rule the world. Being in control, right or wrong, is enough. If your partner knows that you really cherish his or her independent spirit, then you’re home free.

Taurus: When it comes to stubbornness and persistence, Taurus comes out on top, and that has its good side. Let your partner know how much you totally love how he or she never, ever gives up on something when it’s important (including you).

Gemini: Life with a Gemini is life with a person who’s a bundle of nerves. This means constant excitement, stimulation, curiosity, and novelty. Let your partner know that life would be terminally boring without him or her.

Cancer: The Cancer partner is the champion of sensitivity and protection. Be amused that your mate seasons your cooking behind your back, and love all the work that goes into taking care of you. This means everything to him or her.

Leo: If your partner is an ambitious, forceful Leo, then you have someone who will move heaven and earth for you. Make sure your mate understands that he or she means the world to you and that you will always be 200 percent loyal.

Virgo: The clear, discriminating Virgo mind can make for a difficult partner, but don’t be put off by the cool logic. Let your partner know that you trust his or her judgment, practicality, and grounding in reality.

Libra: The Libra partner can be a shameless, hopeless romantic. Treasure his or her idealism and dreams for the perfect relationship. The shared dream all by itself can ensure that your partner will never want to let you go.

Scorpio: If your partner is a Scorpio, you’re dealing with not just a person but also a creative force of nature. Whether art, music, money, business, sex, he or she can make it all materialize. Make it known that you love how outrageously amazing your partner is.

Sagittarius: Although Sagittarius is the grand host at the banquet of life, he or she can still be a wreck of nervous energy. Make sure your partner knows you’re always there, especially in public, and watching out for him or her.

Capricorn: The Capricorn partner is wise in all the ways of the world and no stranger to power. Love how successful he or she is and encourage all future plans, because that’s what keeps you two going.

Aquarius: The Aquarius partner takes pride in an analytical mind and organized, critical thinking. Encourage the inventiveness and the desire to do fresh new things that benefit everyone. Be unselfish together and he or she will love you no end.

Pisces: The Pisces partner can be the most introspective and emotional of all the signs, with odd interests as well. Be the calm, curious, and appreciative bedrock in this person’s watery life and he or she will want to share eternity with you.

All Signs:
Say “I love you” a lot. If your partner replies with the same and means it, he or she is a keeper. You don’t get more breakup-proof than that.

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