He Wins, You Win

By Horoscope.com

On October 17, 2014

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He Wins, You Win

Good things happen when your partner knows you appreciate him. You can show your approval or you can admire him or you can flatter. Sincere flattery can be flirtatious and fun. It can be subtle, too. You don’t have to want anything specific from him (although you can, of course!), and that can make it even more fun. Appreciate one another, indulge in a little creative flattery, and enjoy a lot of that win/win energy.

“Brilliant! I’ve never seen anyone do that before!”
Self-motivated, energetic, pioneering Aries is the king of individual sports, as well as the natural leader of any team. He shines brightest on his own initiative. Be his mirror and see what he will do for you.

“How beautiful! And it feels just luscious!”
Even if you’re only window-shopping, you can share his sensual aesthetic. No one values artistic creature comforts like a Taurus. Let him enjoy it with you. Who knows what he might give?

“What shall we try next? What catches your eye?”
Gemini is the universal wellspring of restlessness and new ideas. Creativity and perpetual stimulation are his fuel. Keep his tank full and thrill to the shared ride.

“We can stay in tonight, and I’ll cook.”
Although homebody Cancer is a dynamite cook on his own, you can still touch his heart by way of his tummy. You might want to consider seafood. He’ll do lots more than cook tomorrow.

“You really won big with that one!”
No one loves success and admiration more than kingly Leo. You can’t go over the top with praise so long as it’s sincere. Go ahead and be his adoring queen.

“My patience is so gone! Please help me figure this out!”
Virgo is the embodiment of patience with details, meaning, for example, there is no computer problem that he can’t solve. And he’s so happy to help.

“Could I have your opinion on this?”
The champion of partnership is Libra. Get him involved and include him on anything and everything and see how his eyes shine! He’ll be happy to compromise, too.

“You’re the only one I can tell this to…”
Share a deep secret with your Scorpio, especially if it’s about something he doesn’t suspect, and you will deeply touch the heart of this king of secrecy.

“So why don’t we just pack our bags and go?”
Even if a trip is out of the question, the mere thought of traveling will warm the heart of a Sagittarius. All his eagerness and enthusiasm will be yours.

“No one else could hold all this together!”
Capricorn has that rare combination of ambition, competence, and responsibility. Flatter him relentlessly with honesty and he’ll work tirelessly for your happiness.

“Want to go a different way?”
Nonconformist, freedom-loving Aquarius is always happy to leave the herd behind and go in his own unique direction. Modern gadgets are good, too, so when he blazes a trail, offer your GPS. He’s yours!

“You make me feel so much better!”
Compassion and empathy are two of the many middle names of Pisces. Flatter that emotional rapport and he’ll cling to his connection with you. Be careful or you will bring tears to his eyes.

“You’re just the best!”
Each sign has its own special qualities. Honor the best in him and it isn’t flattery at all. It’s solid praise, and he’ll love you for it. Now, what was it you wanted to ask him?

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